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Our love for Newborn


All home pictures we see babies in the early days are a little head inside a bundle of covered and newborn helps the family to have a beautiful record of the newborn. I met the newborn and the work of Bel still pregnant with Murilo. When I saw the photos I had no doubt he wanted a reminder like that. Just one week before Christmas and even then they sent me the pictures so I could give the family. When I became pregnant Antonio had no doubt as to do the test it too. I am fully confident in Bel and Dani, the ability of them to deal with a newborn. And in my case, with the patience of them with Murilo, who had become older brother and was full of jealousy on the photos Antonio. Every mother thinks her beautiful son, but by the sensitivity and the ability Bel Dani and they become even more beautiful!

Thais Martendal

My experience with newborn pictures of my daughter with Bel Ferreira was excellent! I confess I was apprehensive before arriving at the Studio. The family was criticizing me for taking her so tiny from home. Arriving at the Studio and knowing Bel and Dani made me saw how much skill, way, patience and care they had with newborn babies. The Studio structure is wonderful, chair and breastfeeding pillow, snacks for parents, able to see the test. I really enjoyed the area reserved for babies where they go with little shoes and is heated in the ideal temperature for the babies. I was impressed with the Bel ability to calm the baby. The pictures were beautiful, the colors matching the skin tone, attention to every detail of my daughter. sensational experience, unique souvenir for life!

Ana Paula Canto

As soon as she knew she was pregnant I decided to make the newborn photos with Bel Ferreira, super indicated by a friend. Once Hector Kenzo was born, we schedule the session. When we arrived, Bel and Dani took my son with an enviable skill for a first-time mother, it was amazing to see the delicacy and the ease with which dominated the situation with a baby just six days in their hands. The test was surprising, all A team, he even wanting to stay awake. Returning home, my husband confessed that he was not at all excited to make the photos, which had just gone by father obligation. However, with a big smile thanked me for having insisted on doing because it was the best gift we could leave our son. The photos were amazing ... Especially the super heroes who are the pride of Dad.

Nana Negrão