Imagem capa - umbilical stump cleaning with SIS por Bel Ferreira Inglês

umbilical stump cleaning with SIS

Always hear from moms who go to our studio a newborn test, phrases like:

'Wow, how you got the look', 'incredible patience you have,' 'this is a gift', 'My God, you know more than us who are mothers'

In fact, to be good professionals and deal with this type of test is necessary much knowledge.

I took a course with SIS are 2 nurses Neo Natal, Gabi and Camila, where they teach everything you need to know that is related to the health of the baby.

To summarize, many mothers talk because you do not give course for mothers?

SIS girls took care of it for you, now they have an incredible course for moms.

Here's a little preview <3