Imagem capa - Mentoring por Bel Ferreira Inglês


Have you thought about raising the level of their work in newborn photography?

Purpose of Mentoring

The goal is to refine the technique in newborn photography, creating a process of development and training for the photographer and his assistant.
In mentoring, the student can handle the baby, under the guidance of experts in the field, and thus solve their difficulties and doubts to achieve the perfect positioning of the newborn poses.


initial interview
Collection of information
Diagnosis (Case Study)
Tracking and Monitoring
Evaluation and Analysis of the results


The mentoring is done in the student studio (using your physical space, accessories, props, light, equipment) for the utilization is 100%.
Mentoring is divided into 3 parts, 1 day, from 8 to 18hr.

stage 1


At this stage of mentoring, spend about three hours doing a test, this test, the student only watches the positioning and sequence of work, directed by the mentor, analyzing all aspects.

stage 2


At this stage of mentoring, the photographer will perform a test about 3 hr, and the mentor will monitor so you can diagnose potential problems to be improved, taking into account the style and way of working of the photographer.

stage 3


In this the consultancy stage, we will discuss improvements and changes in the work of photographer, so you can improve and refine their work.

Who can participate?

Only professional photographers who already work in the newborn market and have already done face workshop


1 person R $ 6,900

2 people R $ 9,900

3 people R $ 13,900

4 people R $ 15,900

Payment methods

Payment in up to 6x without interest on the card

5% cash payment for discount

To schedule send email to: [email protected] with the subject mentoring :)